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Staff List and Contacts
Postal Address:
Institute for Plasma Research
Block-A, Sangath Skyz, Bhat-Koteshwar Road
Koteshwar, Ahmedabad – 380 005, Gujarat, India.
Phone : +91-79-23269500, 23269603 to 10
Fax : +91-79-23269501
Project Director :Shishir P. Deshpande
Secretary to Project Director:

Planning, Monitoring & Support

Members Designation Email ID
Hitesh B. Pandya Deputy Head hitesh.pandya@iter-india.org
P.V. Subhash Scientific Officer-E subhash.puthanveetil@iter-india.org
Anil Kumar Tyagi Scientific Officer-D anil.tyagi@iter-india.org
Dilshad Anwar Sulaiman Scientific Officer-D dilshad.sulaiman@iter-india.org
Malay N. Vora Scientific Officer-D malay.vora@iter-india.org
Shambhu Nath Scientific Officer-D shambhu.nath@iter-india.org
Sai Chaitanya Tadepalli Scientific Officer-D saichaitanya.tadepalli@iter-india.org
Deepti Dubey Scientific Officer-C deepti.dubey@iter-india.org

Fusion Physics

Members Designation Email ID
Indranil Bandyopadhyay Group Leader indranil.bandyopadhyay@iter-india.org
Amit Kumar Singh Scientific Officer-D amit.singh@iter-india.org

Information Technology

Members Designation Email ID
Hitesh B. Pandya Head IT hitesh.pandya@iter-india.org
Vikram Sharma Scientific Officer-E vikram.sharma@iter-india.org
Ravindra Singh Bhatia Scientific Officer-E ravindra.bhatia@iter-india.org

QA & Safety

Members Designation Email ID
Pankaj Bhanjibhai Mokaria Head Quality & Safety pankaj.mokaria@iter-india.org
Yatinkumar R. Sarvaiya Scientific Officer-E yatinkumar.sarvaiya@iter-india.org

Design Office

Members Designation Email ID
Shrishail B. Padasalagi Head of Design Office shrishail.padasalagi@iter-india.org
Mahesh R. Patel Scientific Officer-D mahesh.patel@iter-india.org
Sarbjeet Singh Sandhu Scientific Officer-D sarbjeet.singh@iter-india.org
Sajal Thomas Scientific Officer-D sajal.thomas@iter-india.org
Tarun Kumar Sharma Scientific Officer-D tarun.sharma@iter-india.org
Kunal Sunil Bhatt Scientific Officer-D kunal.bhatt@iter-india.org


Members Designation Email ID
Ajith Kumar Project Manager ajith.kumar@iter-india.org
Dinesh Kumar K. Gupta Scientific Officer-F dinesh.gupta@iter-india.org
Nirav V. Patel Scientific Officer-E nirav.patel@iter-india.org
Gumansinh Gohil Scientific Officer-D guman.gohil@iter-india.org
Lalit Kumar Sharma Scientific Officer-D lalit.sharma@iter-india.org
Jinendra Dangi Scientific Officer-D jinendra.dangi@iter-india.org
Hirenkumar A. Patel Scientific Officer-D hiren.patel@iter-india.org
Mahesh A. Jadhav Scientific Officer-D mahesh.jadhav@iter-india.org
Aditya Prakash Singh Scientific Officer-D aditya.singh@iter-india.org
Rakesh Ranjan Scientific Officer-D rakesh.ranjan@iter-india.org
Mehul G. Chodavadiya Technical Assistant-C mehul.chodavadiya@iter-india.org
Mohit Kumar Technical Assistant-C (Mech.) mohit.kumar@iter-india.org
Nareshkumar K. Parmar Technician-C (AC/Refrigeration) naresh.parmar@iter-india.org


Members Designation Email ID
Hitensinh B. Vaghela Project Coordinator hiten.vaghela@iter-india.org
Ketan D. Choukekar Scientific Officer-E ketan.choukekar@iter-india.org
Himanshu Kapoor Scientific Officer-E himanshu.kapoor@iter-india.org
Pratik M. Patel Scientific Officer-D pratik.patel@iter-india.org
Srinivasa Muralidhara Scientific Officer-D srinivasa.muralidhara@iter-india.org
Jotirmoy Das Scientific Officer-D jotirmoy.das@iter-india.org
Uday Kumar Scientific Officer-D uday.kumar@iter-india.org
Mohit Jadon Scientific Officer-D mohit.jadon@iter-india.org
Vinit Kumar Shukla Scientific Officer-D vinit.shukla@iter-india.org
Anuj Kumar Garg Scientific Officer-D anuj.garg@iter-india.org
Vikas Gaur Technical Assistant-C (Mech.) vikas.gaur@iter-india.org
Bikash Ranjan Dash Technical Assistant-B (E/I&C) bikash.dash@iter-india.org
SHK Madeena Valli Technical Assistant-B (Mech.) shk.madeenavalli@iter-india.org


Members Designation Email ID
Girish Kumar Gupta Deputy Project Manager girish.gupta@iter-india.org
Rajnikant A. Prajapati Scientific Officer-E rajnikant.prajapati@iter-india.org
Vaibhav Joshi Scientific Officer-E vaibhav.joshi@iter-india.org
Mitulkumar R. Patel Scientific Officer-E mitul.patel@iter-india.org
Jagrut M. Bhavsar Scientific Officer-D jagrut.bhavsar@iter-india.org
Mukesh Kumar Jindal Scientific Officer-D mukesh.jindal@iter-india.org
Vipul More Scientific Officer-D vipul.more@iter-india.org
Avik Bhattacharya Scientific Officer-D avik.bhattacharya@iter-india.org
Amit Palaliya Scientific Officer-D amit.palaliya@iter-india.org
Gaurav K. Jogi Scientific Officer-D gaurav.jogi@iter-india.org
Manish Kumar Pandey Scientific Officer-D manish.pandey@iter-india.org
Saroj Kumar Jha Scientific Officer-D saroj.jha@iter-india.org
Dileep Shukla Scientific Officer-D dileep.shukla@iter-india.org


Members Designation Email ID
Vinay Kumar Project Manager vinay.kumar@iter-india.org
Hitesh B. Pandya Scientific Officer-G hitesh.pandya@iter-india.org
Sanjeev Kumar Varshney Scientific Officer-G sanjeev.varshney@iter-india.org
Suman Danani Scientific Officer-E suman.danani@iter-india.org
Siddharth Kumar Scientific Officer-D siddharth.kumar@iter-india.org
Ravinder Kumar Scientific Officer-D ravinder.kumar@iter-india.org
Shivakant Jha Scientific Officer-D shivakant.jha@iter-india.org
Gheesa Lal Vyas Scientific Officer-D gheesa.vyas@iter-india.org
Sapna Mishra Scientific Officer-D sapna.mishra@iter-india.org
Pratik Maheshbhai Vaghashiya Scientific Assistant-B pratik.vaghasiya@iter-india.org


Members Designation Email ID
Arun Kumar Chakraborty Project Manager arun.chakraborty@iter-india.org
Mainak Bandyopadhyay Physics and R&D Coordinator mainak.bandyopadhyay@iter-india.org
Mahendrajit Singh Professor-G mahendrajit.singh@iter-india.org
Deepakkumar Parmar Scientific Officer-E deepak.parmar@iter-india.org
Hitesh Kumar K. Patel Scientific Officer-E hitesh.patel@iter-india.org
Jaydeepkumar P. Joshi Scientific Officer-E jaydeep.joshi@iter-india.org
Suraj S. Pillai Scientific Officer-D suraj.pillai@iter-india.org
Sejal Shah Scientific Officer-D sejal.shah@iter-india.org
Ratnakar Kumar Yadav Scientific Officer-D ratnakar.yadav@iter-india.org
M. Venakata Nagaraju Scientific Officer-D venkatanagaraju.muvvala@iter-india.org
Ashish Yadav Scientific Officer-D ashish.yadav@iter-india.org
Himanshu Tyagi Scientific Officer-D himanshu.tyagi@iter-india.org
Milindkumar A. Patel Scientific Officer-D milindkumar.patel@iter-india.org
Dhananjay Kumar Singh Scientific Officer-D dhananjay.singh@iter-india.org
Vishnudev M.N. Scientific Officer-D vishnudev.mn@iter-india.org
Kaushal Joshi Scientific Officer-C kaushal.joshi@iter-india.org
Manas Ranjan Bhuyan Scientific Officer-C manas.bhuyan@iter-india.org
Jignesh K. Bhagora Technical Assistant-B (E/I&C) jignesh.bhagora@iter-india.org
Hardik A. Shishangiya Technical Assistant-B (Elect.) hardik.shishangiya@iter-india.org


Members Designation Email ID
S. Laxmikanth Rao Project Manager laxmikanthrao.shambhu@iter-india.org
Vipal V. Rathod Scientific Officer-D vipal.rathod@iter-india.org
Ronak V. Shah Scientific Officer-D ronak.shah@iter-india.org
Anjali Sharma Scientific Officer-D anjali.sharma@iter-india.org
Deepak R. Mandge Scientific Officer-D deepak.mandge@iter-india.org
E. Sharan Dilip Scientific Officer-C sharan.dilip@iter-india.org
Amit Yadav Scientific Officer-C amit.yadav@iter-india.org
Rajvi D. Parmar Technical Assistant-C (E/I&C) rajvi.parmar@iter-india.org


Members Designation Email ID
Aparajita Mukherjee Project Manager aparajita.mukherjee@iter-india.org
Rajeshkumar G. Trivedi Scientific Officer-G rajesh.trivedi@iter-india.org
Kumar Rajnish Scientific Officer-F kumar.rajnish@iter-india.org
Harsha H. Machchhar Scientific Officer-E harsha.machchhar@iter-india.org
Ajesh P. Subbarao Scientific Officer-E ajesh.p@iter-india.org
Raghuraj Singh Scientific Officer-E raghuraj.singh@iter-india.org
Harikrishna V.S. Jayanthi Scientific Officer-E harikrishna.jayanthi@iter-india.org
Dipalkumari G. Soni Scientific Officer-D dipal.patadiya@iter-india.org
Gajendra Suthar Scientific Officer-D gajendra.suthar@iter-india.org
Manojkumar A. Patel Scientific Officer-D manoj.patel@iter-india.org
Kartik Mohan Scientific Officer-D kartik.mohan@iter-india.org
Rohit Anand Scientific Officer-D rohit.anand@iter-india.org
Akhil Jha Scientific Officer-D akhil.jha@iter-india.org
Sriprakash Verma Scientific Officer-D sriprakash.verma@iter-india.org
Rohit Agarwal Scientific Officer-D rohit.agarwal@iter-india.org
Vasava Pareshkumar N. Technical Assistant-C (Mech.) paresh.vasava@iter-india.org
Hrushikesh N. Dalicha Technical Assistant-B (Elect.) hrushikesh.dalicha@iter-india.org


Members Designation Email ID
Ujjwal Kumar Baruah Project Manager ujjwal.baruah@iter-india.org
Narinder Pal Singh Deputy Project Manager narinder.singh@iter-india.org
Aruna M. Thakar Scientific Officer-E aruna.thakar@iter-india.org
Vikrant Gupta Scientific Officer-E vikrant.gupta@iter-india.org
Amitkumar M. Patel Scientific Officer-D amit.patel@iter-india.org
Bhavin M. Raval Scientific Officer-D bhavin.raval@iter-india.org
Hitesh Dhola Scientific Officer-D hitesh.dhola@iter-india.org
Rasesh J. Dave Scientific Officer-D rasesh.dave@iter-india.org
Sandip A. Gajjar Scientific Officer-D sandip.gajjar@iter-india.org
Dishang V. Upadhyay Scientific Officer-C dishang.upadhyay@iter-india.org
Kush R. Mehta Technical Assistant-B (E/I&C) kush.mehta@iter-india.org
Niranjanpuri S. Goswami Technical Assistant-B (Elect.) niranjanpuri.goswami@iter-india.org


Members Designation Email ID
Shrishail Padasalagi Project Manager shrishail.padasalagi@iter-india.org
Bhoomi S. Gajjar Scientific Officer-D bhoomi.mehta@iter-india.org
Abha Maheshwari Scientific Officer-D abha.maheshwari@iter-india.org
Moin Shaikh Scientific Officer-D moin.shaikh@iter-india.org
Rahul Kumar Laad Scientific Officer-D rahul.laad@iter-india.org
Ulhas K. Dethe Technical Assistant-C (Mech.) ulhas.dethe@iter-india.org


Members Designation Email ID
Sanjaykumar P. Makwana Assistant Officer (Accounts) sanjay.makwana@iter-india.org
Jigneshkumar A. Makka Assistant Officer (Accounts) jignesh.makka@iter-india.org
Parulben B. Pandya Assistant parul.parmar@iter-india.org


Members Designation Email ID
Kaleem V. Khan Officer-I (Administration) kaleem.khan@iter-india.org
Suvitha Kartha Assistant suvitha.kartha@iter-india.org
Ravish H. Chokshi Office Clerk B ravish.chokshi@iter-india.org
Ashokkumar A. Ganaswa Office Clerk B ashokkumar.ganaswa@iter-india.org

Purchase & Stores

Members Designation Email ID
Rakhi Dharamdasani Officer-I (Purchase and Stores) rakhi.dharamdasani@iter-india.org
Mayur N. Patel Assistant mayur.patel@iter-india.org
Santosh R. Naik Assistant santosh.naik@iter-india.org
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Staff List and Contacts
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