Opportunities for Indian Industries Webinar-9th October 2020

Opportunities for Industries October 2020
Event Description

ITER, “the way” is one of the largest experimental efforts underway in the south of France at Cadarache with an aim to demonstrate nuclear fusion as a clean green source of unlimited energy. With integrated challenges of science, engineering and technology, the ITER project is making significant progress under the aegis of ITER Organization, France and participating member nations. ITER-India is the Indian agency for delivering the Indian contribution in this mega-science project. ITER-India is functioning under Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India located at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. IPR is largely involved in theoretical and experimental studies in plasma science and plasma technologies for industrial applications.


An orientation webinar is being organized by ITER-India in support with ITER Organization, scheduled on 09th Oct 2020 (Friday) from 1400 hrs (02:00 PM) in order to:

  • To enhance awareness and promote the participation of Indian industries in the ITER project 
  • Provide information about plentiful prospects in the domain of design, engineering, construction & manufacturing, services available at ITER project. 
  • Stretch upon the insight about the whole mechanism of procurement process of ITER Organization.


Information to the participants:

  • The participants from industry need to register their name in the web link Registration Form on or before 5th October 2020. Registration is mandatory, only one participant per industry can register and attend. 
  • Only Indian citizens from industries having manufacturing units/ design offices in India can attend.
  • Once registration is approved by ITER-India, a confirmation will be sent to the registered participants over email or phone along with the agenda and link to the webinar.
  • Other updates will be intimated to the approved registered participants over email / phone.
  • As spaces are limited considering technical constraints, ITER-India reserves the right to choose and limit the number of participants without assigning any reason thereof.


Forthcoming procurements from ITER Organization can be accessed at https://www.iter.org/proc/overview


For any query please contact:  

Mr. Malay N. Vora: Mobile: +918141781555 Email: malay.vora@iter-india.org

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