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ITER-India conducts successful final design review of Acceleration Grid Power Supply (AGPS) Published on : 2013-10-07  

The Final Design Review (FDR) of Acceleration Grid Power Supply (AGPS) for SPIDER and Diagnostic Neutral Beam (DNB) was held at ITER-India during August 29-30, 2013. The AGPS is rated for 96 kVDC, 75 A, both AGPSs are similar with respect to technical specifications and intricacies, with the exception that the SPIDER AGPS will be installed for operation at the Neutral Beam Test Facility (NBTF) under construction at Padova, Italy.  The DNB AGPS will be installed in ITER to power the Diagnostic Netural Beam. The experimental work in NBTF will validate concepts for the actual neutral beam operations in ITER. 

Under separate procurement arrangements, ITER-India is responsible for the design, procurement, supply, installation & integration of the SPIDER AGPS and DNB AGPS.  To fulfil this commitment, ITER-India has a Memorandum of Understanding with Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. (ECIL), a leading public company. Under this arrangement, ITER-India has placed contracts on ECIL for design, manufacture, supply and test of AGPSs that are part of Indian in-kind contribution to ITER.

Experts from Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), ECIL, delegates from support industry and ITER-India team participated in this FDR, with remote participation of experts from IO-Cadarache, F4E-Barcelona, CCFE-Culham and Consorzio RFX-Padova.  The review panel appreciated the untiring efforts of ECIL, ITER-India, ITER Organization and all involved in the development of the design.  There were only one category 1 chit and 13 other category chits that were raised during this FDR. The experts gave very useful suggestions that will be incorporated by ECIL into the design. The closure of the FDR was held on September 16 with resolution of the category one chit and 10 other chits, paving the way for initiating manufacturing activities.

Source : ITER-India
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